This legacy is not a normal legacy. Most chapters will have foul language. I do not sugar coat things (sometimes). So the legacy will be +Mature+ I will not be following any rules from other legacies and I will play the game how I want to play the game. The Xavier Legacy will consists of 2 things, humans and dogs. Our legacy founder, Kodak Xavier and our pupacy founder Anubis will be trying to get to a generation of 11. Why 11? Because like a great critic once said, I like to go one step beyond. I do have a few guidelines for myself during this legacy:

1. The offspring not chosen for heir will be up for download after the polls. This includes the dogs.

2. I will let anyone know if I need a candidate for a spouse position. (Sim or dog)

3. If no one votes for heirs I will choose them myself.

——I also have one important rule for my readers ~le gasp~!——

This rule is not get offended. I may put something in here that offends some people but it’s not my fault. I’ll try to put warnings if I think it might cause distress. I don’t know your beliefs or morals, I just know mine. Don’t get mad at me for not being all knowing.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of The Xavier’s.

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